Entrancement UK – Cherry Hypnotized

Bit of a steamy one this time!

Sweet-natured Cherry is a playfully submissive lady who’s chosen rather a spicy profession for herself (Model, Escort and Pornstar!)

A people pleaser with a natural kink for objectification and dollification, so as you can guess, she drops into trance easily, freezes like a complete doll and whilst she’s frequently quite smiley, laid back and chatty as she wakes to find herself in strange situations, the moment she’s commanded to feel blank, frozen or brainless, the expression leaves her face almost instantly and you’d swear she was a sexdoll. (Though my “Go mindless and spread your legs” trigger might have something to do with that!)

Huge amounts of slave training, pendant focusing, mindless mantras and brainwashing, so if you’re into those aspects of mind contorl you should definitely enjoy it.

On top of that, there’s plenty of cool phenomena (Arousal training, Mental Bondage and Blindness, Orgasms on Command, Amnesia) as well as some fan favourites: Puppy Girl, Guy in a Girl’s body, Orgasm-gun.

Awesome shoot, lovely lady. Director’s Choice.

0:10 Introduction
5:00 Induction
13:40 Doll Posing in Trance
15:50 Sleep Trigger Training
16:40 The Cutest Candle
18:00 Porcelain Doll
19:15 Awake… but immobilized
22:00 Mental Bondage Tickling
23:45 Frozen Thumb Suck
24:30 Possessed Thumb wants to be in Cherry’s mouth!
25:15 … and her legs want to spread themselves!
26:30 Total Amnesia as to who she is or what’s happening
27:30 Can only say her name is “Doll”
28:30 Believes she really is a doll
30:30 Doll Mantras
31:15 Triggered Sex Doll Pose
33:00 Doesn’t want to dance… till music plays (Oblivious Striptease.)
37:30 Intimate Frozen Inspection
38:45 Stripped to Stockings Tickle Teased
39:25 Ticklishness off, can’t recall ever being ticklish
40:30 Ten times more ticklish!
42:00 Triggered to Pose
42:45 Pendant’s Plaything
44:00 Slut Mantras
45:30 Can’t stop her hand from teasing her pussy
45:50 Says something slutty every time she tries to stop being slutty
47:15 Blindness
48:15 Sex Instructor Gives Masturbation Lessons
51:35 Frozen Sex Instructor
52:30 Home alone watching porn and teasing herself
52:55 Clit goes missing then gets relocated
56:20 Aroused by Sir’s Pendant
57:00 Freezin’ whilst she’s teasin’
58:30 Edging on command
59:45 Orgasm Denial as she drops down deeper
1:00:35 Brink Training
1:02:50 Only aroused when she stares at the camera
1:04:30 Mantra Edging
1:06:30 Orgasm on Command
1:07:45 In the mood for cuddles
1:09:15 Horny and frustrated and begging to fuck
1:11:15 Tickle RayGun
1:12:45 Triggered into / out of Sex Doll Pose
1:13:45 Mouth auto-sucks anything that enters it
1:14:40 Mind normal… Mouth stuck in “Suck” mode…
1:15:30 Robot SexToy
1:21:20 Programmed via Ear-hole finger insertions
1:21:46 Robot: Pose Mode
1:23:00 Robot: Dance Mode
1:24:00 Cherry Immobilized, Body Control (Mirror Mode)
1:24:55 Cherry made Mindless (Still in Mirror Mode)
1:26:25 Puppy Girl Cherry
1:30:45 Neural Disruptor (Orgasm Blaster)
1:35:50 Guy in a Girl’s Body
1:41:30 Closing Chat

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