Entrancement UK – Crystal Sparx Entranced (Part 6)

Crystal is a lifestyle submissive and the slavegirl of my friend Rich who’s a H-Therapist. As such she is very well trained and accomplished at going into trance. With a word she’ll forget who she is, where she is, what she is, or become a frozen statue, a cat, an escort, or a massive cockslut on command.

Part Six – Entranced Escort, Sex Toy Sales Lady, Edging & Orgasm

01:35:45Dildo stuck in her mouth
01:36:26Magnetized into Sexdoll position
01:37:14Mouth Magnetized into a nice “O”
01:37:28Made Mindless whilst Sexdolling
01:38:20Robotic Fucking Machine
01:39:45Escort: Girlfriend Experience
01:40:45Brainwashed Fuckdoll Repeating “Love To Fuck”
01:41:20Escort: Pornstar Experience
01:42:00Imaginary Blowjob
01:42:20Imaginary Spitroast
01:42:40Cum on her tits
01:42:50Imaginary Bath Soap
01:43:10Erotic Bath Soap
01:43:40Amnesia: Thinks we’ve not started yet
01:44:25Sex Toy Sales Lady (with on/off vagina sensations)
01:47:59Erotic Nipples
01:49:30Sensations turned off (getting frustrated!)
01:49:45Erotic Feet
01:50:00Remembering how her vagina works
01:51:20Sweary & Horny
01:52:00Still totally horny… but fixated on cooking!
01:52:15Aroused by listing ingredients
01:54:00Edging & Denial
01:54:15Begging for orgasm
01:55:00Virgin about to have her first orgasm
01:56:15Finally gets to orgasm
01:57:00Posed like a sexdoll (and still orgasming)
01:57:30Orgasming her brains out
01:58:00Wrapping up, closing chat (almost)
02:00:00Body magnetized to sexy positions
02:00:45Sales Lady somehow naked
02:02:00Chloe the victim
02:04:18One last 360

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