The COMPLETE edition of my fantastic Director’s Choice mind control shoot with Honour and Luci!

A fantastic two-girl shoot with Honour, who’s been under several times before, and Luci, a lady who’s appeared in a couple of my fantasy shoots but had only briefly dabbled with mesmerism previously. Both girls have worked together before, so shared great chemistry (even when they couldn’t remember who one another were!)

Lots of fun girl-girl scenes in a myriad of different styles.


Rag Doll Check
Mannequin Check
Ragdoll Honour can’t move without Luci’s help
Mannequin Honour also requires assistance!
Honour’s Mannequin Mind
Luci the Mannequin
Amnesia Honour forgets Luci
Amnesia Luci forgets Honour “We had intimate sex!”
Smitten one moment, Enemies the next!
G/G Kissing
LoveStruck Honour… but Luci can’t stand her
LoveStruck Luci… “Don’t touch my hair bitch!”
More Kissing!
Rivals Lips Bound Together
Rivals hands bound to one another’s butts
Love their own outfit… but hate the other girls
Our clothes are disgusting! We’ll have to take them off…
Embarrassed to be Naked
Clothing castaway compulsion
Nudity lovers who can’t stop posing
Every Camera Flash makes them feel more turned on.
Embarrassed to find herself nipple sucking & nekkid
Naked Slavegirls try to sell themselves
Nude 360
Lesbian Kissing on Command
First timers kissing, getting embarrassed and giggling
Kissing like life-long sluts!
Frozen Mid-Kiss Honour Takes advantage of Frozen Luci
Frozen Honour’s turn to be toyed with
Giggling Girls Embarrassed to be Naked
Mindless Ornaments
Sleepwalking Zombies
Sleepwalking Mantra: Blank Brainless Obedient
Slavegirls for sale
Slavegirl Submission Poses
Minds Return… but their bodies are locked
Tickling my frozen playthings
Master’s Erotic Touch
D’you mind!? So unprofessional!
Begging to be touched… until they *are* touched.
Blank and Happy to be stroked now
Feeling pleasure any time I talk
Naked Kneeling Pendant Gazing… but thinking we’ve only just started
Can’t disobey or look away from the pendant
Spread your legs wider, slavegirls!
Tease yourselves slavegirls!
“Good Girl” Pleasure Trigger
Made more obedient by the pendant
Nothing but obedient slavegirls now
Happy to massage Master
Happy to kiss for Master
Panting Pets
Honour HypnoHound
Leotards for my minions
SexRobot (Luci) SalesWoman (Honour)
Honour becomes a SexRobot
QA tester “John” (GenderFlipped Honour)
Honour’s turn to be a SexRobot
Luci DryHump’s the HonourBot
Programming HonourBot to Moan
HonourBot Adjustable Expressions (Smile, Blowjob, Etc)
HonourBot Giggling / Blanking on Command
BodyControlling the Mindless Minions
Stripped SexBots
Testing their recall of their slave poses
Love-Struck Lesbians
Left to their own devices!
Frozen Love Scene
Eye Check
Closing Induction
Closing Chat

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