Entrancement UK – HypnoStream: Lottie

00:00 Sending alerts to social media
03:31 ‘Can you hear us, stream?’
05:40 Blank and brainless posing
06:26 Speak but can’t move
06:41 Really ticklish… and free to move
07:05 Floating hands (and still really ticklish)
07:53 Released and fixing chat
08:45 Eyes fixed on centre of camera
09:00 Scary camera pulling Lottie in
09:20 Lovestruck and blank for the camera
10:15 More Posing
10:52 Restarting audio (with yet more posing)
12:53 Flirtatious Lottie attempts to seduce Lex
13:50 Stripping and “switch” means she thinks Lex is doing it
15:33 Freed from the pesky blouse!
15:47 Thinks she’s fully clothed and that getting naked is inappropriate
16:40 Realising that she has her boobs out and wants her blouse back
17:00 Frozen and stiff
17:53 Really wants blouse but as soon as she has it throws it away
18:53 Change of heart: Refusing to put clothes on
19:25 Blank with Mantras and Posing
20:38 Brainless robot mechanically stripping and fly around camera
21:50 More mantras
22:16 Posing in the door frame
25:00 Damsel in distress
25:34 …with tickles
26:05 Mindless for the pendant
26:30 Horny slave desperate for Master’s touch
27:18 Frozen and posed
28:08 Gyrating hips as a damsel in distress
28:35 Saying submissive things without meaning to
28:50 …and realising
29:19 Feeling like a cat
30:26 Angry mistress
31:13 Short foot massage from Lex
32:11 Commanding the audience
33:00 Mistress shows off her feet
34:18 Frozen sexdoll flyaround
36:00 Switching between naked and embarrassed and happily posing for the camera
37:32 Showing off her ass
38:17 Spanking her own ass (and setting Spank as a trigger)
38:44 Unaware she’s naked
39:34 Super ticklish and bound
39:53…and switches to erotic sensations
40:00 Deprogramming and returning to normal
41:20 Able to resist and goodbyes

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