Entrancement UK – Kacie James Full

This shoot earns a DC (Director’s Choice) rating from myself. Whilst not perfect, these shoots are my favorites, sexier suggestions, deeper forms of mesmerism, and the best responses from the subjects in those videos. My other videos are great too… but a guy can’t help but have favourites. These are the ones I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out first though.

Kacie James is a pint sized brunette that I’ve been keen to mesmerize for *years* now. We had a great mock-entranced photoshoot a few years back followed by a disastrous attempt at a genuine mesmerism shoot with her flatmates. (Only Kacie went under, the window cleaner showed up, someone’s boyfriend came in. It wasn’t fit for release)

Fortunately *this* time round, things went *much* better. I had Kacie all to myself and she proved every bit the subject that I was hoping for.

Perky, cute, chatty, playful, lively, and sexy as hell in all the right ways, this was a fantastic shoot. There’s also a few more appearances from myself when it comes to posing and repositioning my newly captured plaything.

There’s a couple of extra scenes at the end too where I try out a new robot effect, you’ll have to tell me what you think. Enjoy!

This is the complete video comprising of all four parts.

Part One
[0:00:18] Introduction + Outfit 1 (Stockings & Fluffy Sweater)
[0:03:30] Induction
[0:08:55] bubble bath
[0:14:20] Fractionation
[0:24:00] Sleep Trigger Testing
[0:25:10] Limp Lady Check
[0:25:30] Removing Sleeping Kacie’s Shoes
[0:26:00] Ends everything with “Spank Me”
[0:29:00] Ends everything with other sexy phrases
[0:30:25] Realizes and tries to resist
[0:31:55] Extrovert Kacie needs to Flash

Part Two
[0:39:55] Musical Striptease Statue Play
[0:45:05] Posing Statuefied Kacie-doll
[0:47:58] Mindblowing SpecialFX Multiple Kacies!!11
[0:48:30] Frozen Kacie Programmed to Caress
[0:50:30] Sleeping Mindless Closeups

Part Three
[0:51:30] Outfit 2 Silver Jumpsuit!
[0:51:55] Fembot Induction
[0:56:55] K-Bot: Posing on Command
[1:00:15] K-Bot: Closeup Inspection
[1:03:30] K-Bot: Sex Positions
[1:04:30] K-Bot: Mechanical Sex Machine
[1:05:10] K-Bot: Programmed to Suck
[1:06:00] K-Bot: Slut Mode Activated
[1:07:00] K-Bot: Frozen Poseable Blowjob Bot
[1:08:45] Kacie Reactivated, what’s going on?
[1:09:35] Kacie can’t help herself (More sextoy sucking)
[1:10:22] “Can I take this off? I like being naked.”
[1:12:30] Empresses New Dress (Invisible Dress)
[1:14:05] Realises (then doesn’t) that she’s nude

Part Four
[1:15:21] Outfit 3 Bodystocking Dress
[1:16:05] Magic Potion Programming
[1:17:55] Red (Love) Potion: Tries to seduce me!
[1:19:00] Green (Slow Freeze) Potion: My lover can’t reach me
[1:22:10] Yellow (Vanity) Potion: “I think you should massage me!”
[1:24:40] Standing Slow Freeze
[1:27:30] Posing my ornamental HypnoDoll
[1:28:30] Closing Induction
[1:30:30] Closing Chat
[1:33:13] Experimental Fembot Short
[1:33:42] Outtakes (Gate crashing HypnoPuppy)

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  • John smith 2 years ago

    Like your entrancement uk videos is it possible that you could put scarlet entrancement uk video i dont have the download link for you. But thank you

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      i guess already we got this one i will put it in our schedule

  • Why is it that I can’t find any videos that play in this site?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      recently we’ve added a new video player. if both of them don’t work please try through another browser (please try ucbrowser on android devices it will work)

  • Potato 3 weeks ago

    Is it still working? It doesn’t play for me