This was a fantastic and hilarious shoot.

Louise Skye was a great subject, fantastic girl, very chatty and lively and a pleasure to work with. She responded so well to some of the suggestions that I had her forget what just happened, so I could enjoy her reactions all over again.

Video Contents
Hands floating
Hands glued together.
Sleep Trigger reinforcement.
Hypnotized to deny she’s been hypnotized “It’s a load of cobblers”
Mind Blank, Eyes Open.
Freeze triggering.
Blank Slavegirl.
Posing the slavegirl.
Blank Stripping.and Topless Posing
Flashes her breasts whenever I say “gosh” (which I do a *lot*)
Trigger makes her jump up shouting “The Monkeys have stolen my purse” unaware of doing so.
Carries on shouting about monkeys but realises she’s doing it.
Feet bound in place through training while tickled. (Dislikes it)
Feet bound, tickled (Trained to Love it)
Feet become erotic, she can’t stop touching or playing with her toes.
Entranced and dancing, musical statue.
Entranced and stripping, musical statue.
How did my clothes come off?
Robot dresses up.
Robotic poses.
Blank Gaze Robot.
Drunk and giggly.
Dancing and Modelling whilst Drunk.
Slow Freezes.
Loose limbs.
Slow Melt.
Body Freeze.
Louise Skye: Commanding Enchantress.
Final Freeze and farewell.

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