The first half of my shoot with Porsha & Heather. This shoot has some great moments, both girls are gorgeous and Porsha especially responds brilliantly to training.

Highlights here: Seeing their personalities really come through both before and after training, as well as their surprise and enjoyment as I switch each of their brains off. Naked puppeteering, is *always* a massive highlight. Both girls look totally zonked as I remotely puppet them and have them pose

Part One Contents
Suggestibility Test
Induction & Deepening
Can’t say their names
New Names
Magnetic Hands
Magnetic Breasts
Magnetic Lips
Stuck to their seats
Hands stuck in the air
Tickling Porsha
Blank minded Porsha
Locking Heather in place
Blanking Porsha’s Mind
Posing Frozen Heather
Blank Minds & Frozen
Compulsive Liars
New Accents for Porsha
Mind Sucking of Porsha
Heather strips Mannequin Porsha
Posing Nude Porsha Doll
Striptease Heather
Nude Doll
Mind Sucking Heather
Nude Puppeteering
Body Swap

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