This was our fourth time working with Samantha. We’d previously filmed a solo shoot with her a few years back, as well as a couple of shoots with her friend Jojo. This time round, she was looking more gorgeous than ever, and her fiancé Richard sat in on the proceedings and took the role of our assistant as we messed with the mind of his helpless hypnotized lady.

Though we’ve had partners on set before, this was our first shoot with a partner actually getting fully involved in the video. Please let us know how you think he did and if it’s the kind of thing you’d like to see more of.

Samantha’s pretty submissive within trance so drops deeply and easily. Though there are some smiles on her face at first at having her fella present, a few sleep triggers soon sends her deeply off to dreamland. There are more dazed and sleepy “Yes Masters” in this video than you can shake a stick at, and I was constantly surprised by how quickly and powerfully Samantha accepted all the triggers and suggestions she was given. (She nearly fell over 2-3 times as a result of this, and I had to be sure to include more “Don’t fall and hurt yourself” safety suggestions than usual.)

We picked a large number of suggestions for this shoot that show a big contrast in behavior. First she tells us all about Richard… then she promptly forgets who he is. Next she starts asking if he has a girlfriend and trying to set up a date… only to believe it’s him asking *her* out a minute later and she’s really *not* interested. She lapdances, she slowfreezes, she tries to draw our attention to her breast and butt, and then calls us perves when we don’t seem to stop talking about them. Her cat mannerisms are hilarious as she becomes completely demanding and self centered: “Feed me. I’m hungry. Stroke my back. Now tickle my tummy. Now Feed me. Why aren’t you feeding me!?” then later on when she believes herself to be a *genuine* kitty, having her chase the laser pointer nearly leads to her falling down the back of the sofa…

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