Samantha was a pretty analytical subject, she responded well to training, but it took some time to get her responding just how we wanted her to. As a result, her training induction will be made available as a second download for those that would like to see it.

As I’ve said, Sam could be pretty analytical, she’d hear the command to Flash her breasts for example, and would go to do it… then look *very* confused as she tries working out why she suddenly felt that desire. Watching her succumb to her training throughout the session is very rewarding.

Loves irish accents
Hates different accents
Wants everyone to be irish
Wants to flash, doesn’t know why
Flashing, doesn’t realise fully
Naturist / Prude switching
Wants everyone else to get naked
Some Behind the scenes Self Analysis
Love-Struck by my assistant
Wants to seduce my assistant
Posing and flirting with my assistant
Eyes Open Blank
Posing Frozen Samantha
“I Must Obey” Poses
Mindless Zombie
Imaginary Shower
Slow motion Shower
Slowdown to freeze
Posing whilst mindless
Posing whilst aware
More Behind the scenes Self Analysis
Can’t resist the pendant
Closing Chat
Outtake – Phonecall

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