Entrancement UK - Secret Slavegirl - Brook Scott & Raven

Entrancement UK – Secret Slavegirl – Brook Scott & Raven

We’d worked with Brook previously but had unfortunately ended up with no usable footage from that shoot. (Faulty SD cards. Gah!) We knew she was a really good subject though, as she’d previously dropped deeply into very submissive states of mind. (Whilst still remaining bratty and cheeky whilst awake.)

She was keen to come back for a second shoot, and we were very keen to be able to show her off. 😀

This was a *really* good shoot. When she’s awake and in her own mind, she’s a massive brat. Refusing to obey, insulting us, being cheeky, and cracking jokes, whilst still dropping helplessly into trance the moment she’s hit with a sleep trigger . We found that once we had her in trance she’d obey… but as soon as we’d wake her, she’d end up resisting and refusing to follow orders. This is where “Raven” came in…

Brook herself suggested the idea of giving her an alter-ego for the day who would be the perfect submissive slavegirl. Someone who’d eagerly rush to obey commands that her waking self would refuse to entertain. The effectiveness of this alter-ego has to be seen to be believed. One minute Brook will be covering up, hiding behind furniture, throwing things at us and calling us names… the next, Raven will be obediently stripteasing, baring her body, smiling sweetly and being more than happy to obey any command we give her.

A really great shoot containing anything an MC fan could ask for. Orgasm denial, Orgasms on command, Physical and Mental Enslavement, Shock, Surprise, Annoyance and Arousal at being compelled to obey… and Pole Dancing!. It does have a couple of sound issues though (mobile phones ringing, grrr) so we apologise for that.


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  • A Classic. Thanks!
    She is one of my favorite models, they have so much fun in this and other shoots.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • James 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this is amazing, you are one of the greatest… I hate to ask, but if you ever get the chance, could you ever post, the second session of Setina (2), or LEO. Regardless, Thank you for these and the others.

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      no problem bro , always you are most welcome , yes we have this one in our schedule

  • nice job man!!!
    could you upload more hypnopimp please? especially the clips with mindsuck/blankness/mindless mantras