Erotic transformation – GoldDigger Wife – Sleep Subliminals

POV Transformation 3

Steve takes a break from the Dork Squad to help his old friend Frank Franken with his new gold digging wife, Kasey. Since
she’s already passed out hungover from partying with younger dudes the night before, Steve decides to induce her while
she’s still in slumber land.

Steve tests the effectiveness of his induction by commanding the lovely Kasey to touch herself in various ways.
The induction proves to be very effective.

Keeping her in a slumber-ous trance, Steve begins conditioning her to love not only her new husband, but also his old cock.
It’s just that Steve uses his own old cock during the training. Anything to help a friend!

It seems to have worked, but just to make sure, Steve tries a couple more positions.

Once Steve is satisfied (that it’s worked that is) he turns the wayward wife back over to her faithful husband.
When Frank snaps his fingers, Kasey will awaken and fall faithfully and forever in love with the first man she sees, him.

Don’t you just love happy endings!

Nubile newcomer Kasey Chase stars in Steve’s latest POV masterpiece.

Running Time: 57 minutes.

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