stars Sinn Sage, Lien Parker, and Drake Man O’War as the titular characte

The movie opens with Sinn and Lien paying a visit to the famous hairdresser Istvan. He overhears them talking in his lobby and referring to him as gay, so he decides to show them how heterosexual he really is. He pulls out his homemade shampoo which he explains dulls the mind when combined with a scalp massage.
Sinn goes first since she has a meeting to go to, and Istvan gently massages her scalp while he talks her into a trance, telling her that she doesn’t like to think, that she will be his sex slave, and she repeats everything in a sleepy voice. He then tests her obedience by commanding her to give him all her money, and then cancel her appointment. She responds to all of his commands with a drowsy “yes master”. But when he tells her to remove her shirt, she resists, so he pulls out an aerosol spray which will heighten his control over her.
While Sinn is standing still under the effects of the aerosol spray, he goes back out to the lobby and offers Lien a coffee. Unbekownst to her, he adds a mind relaxer. She drinks it and her mind starts going numb. He goes back to Sinn and tells her to remove her shirt and then her bra and she hesitates slightly, but finally obeys. He commands her to play with her breasts and she hesitates again before finally doing it with a dreamy look on her face. Lien wants to find out what happened to Sinn so she gets up and goes into the back room, but when she gets back there he hits her with the aerosol spray, which dulls her mind further.
Istvan now has both of the women enslaved, and they both stand next to each other with pleasant, dreamy expressions, Sinn still fondling her breasts. He tells Lien to remove her shirt and play with her tits, and she obeys immediately without hesitation. He then takes some pictures of them to post on the internet and then commands them to kiss and fondle each other. They both respond with a “yes master” but Sinn just stands there while Lien kisses her. He blasts her with the aerosol spray again and she finally obeys, kissing Lien back as they both fondle each other’s breasts. He then has them remove their pants and eventually panties as they continue to fondle and kiss for a long while.
He tells Sinn to finger and suck on Lien’s pussy and has to hit her with the spray again as she again initially resists the commands, but in no time she’s down on her knees eating her out. As Lien orgasms she comes out of her trance and freaks out at the fact that Sinn is eating her pussy, but he hits her with the spray again and she goes right back to her trance. He tells them to give him a double blowjob and Lien immediately drops to her knees and starts doing it, but Sinn just sits there staring dreamily until he hits her with the spray again.
They both suck his dick for quite a while before he fucks them. He fucks Lien from behind as she licks Sinn’s pussy on all fours. This goes on for a while before Sinn orgasms and breaks out of the trance, but Istvan is ready to hit her with the spray again and she falls right back into trance as Lien continues licking her pussy. He then has Sinn ride him reverse cowgirl while Lien sits off to the side and masturbates. Finally he has the two of them bend over next to each other and he takes turns fucking them as they kiss each other. Finally he cums on their faces as they kiss each other and they both awaken from the trance, very unhappy with their situation. They still think he’s gay, so at the end he has his revenge on them by frizzing up their hair like crazy and programming them to love it before waking from their trance.

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