Erotikcontax – Gone In A Flash

This gal thinks she’s got what it takes to be a fashion model.

She answers an online ad placed by a shady photographer, who uses a special strobe
to erase her mind.

Now he can command her to do any type of modeling he wants from pantyhose….

…to porn. He likes porn the best.

And somehow, instinctively, so does she!

The legendary Nesty, like you’ve never seen her before.

Running Time: 53 epic minutes

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  • File seems to have been deleted, can you reupload?

    • Fetishman 2 months ago

      Sorry mate openload link has been removed but player is works without any problem, We may re-upload it later

  • hello, none of your video players are loading, I enter the linkshirnk link and the file is deleted

    • Fetishman 1 month ago

      Sorry, These videos have been uploaded long time ago, Studios usually report our links, You should quickly download videos after they were uploaded.