Steve’s cute, new temp is really a corporate spy, working for his arch-rival Jenkins. When he busts her going through his secret files, he is forced to subject her to his memory eraser in his “erasion chamber”, aka the executive bathroom. But he gets distracted on a call, and she is exposed to the device for too long. It ends up erasing her mind, not just her memory. But don’t despair! What Steve loses in a temp, he gains in a sex slave. I sure hope the desk is strong enough for all that action! The new slave proves to be so good at everything she does, that Steve decides to take her home with him, and keep her in his wardrobe. Steve lives happily ever after, as his slave serves him in many ways, and in many orifices. Or is that orifii? Newcomer Anina Silk is mind-numbingly cute, as the mind-erased main character.

Steve catches his new temp, Anina, going through secret files in his office so he uses his memory erasing device on her. She is left under it’s effects for too long and has her mind erased by mistake but Steve makes the best of the situation. She strips and masturbates on his desk for him and sucks his dick. Then she gets fucked on the desk and he fucks her in the ass.

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