Kloe returns home from a hard day’s work chatting to her friend on the phone. To her surprise, the friend tells Kloe that she was the star of last night’s hypnosis show. Kloe doesn’t recall a thing about this, and thinks her friend is teasing. Just then comes a knock at the door…

Unbeknownst to Kloe, she was indeed hypnotised at last night’s show, and not only was she the show’s star, but the devious hypnotist also left her with hypnotic programming that will allow him to spice up both of their evenings.

A click of the fingers has her posing like a living statue, a wave of his hand empties her mind of thoughts, leaving her compliant and obedient, and a clap of his hands fills her with burning feelings of arousal.

First he has Kloe ignore the fact that he’s there, allowing him to give her commands and direct her around without her realising that she’s a puppet under his control. Next he has her pose and show herself off for him.

Soon she finds herself believing that she doesn’t wear clothes at home, stripping herself to her garterbelt and stockings, putting on a fashion show, stripping totally nude and acting like a cat.

Next she finds that the hypnotist’s “Arousal” trigger makes her feel less like enjoying a quiet evening at home… and more like wildly playing with herself in the bedroom. The hypnotist enjoys the show, before making her into a sex doll, and having her behave like a sex robot.

When Kloe finally comes to her senses, wondering at her sudden state of arousal, she decides to take a cold shower… not even this goes to plan though, as she soon finds herself using the showerhead for things other than it’s intended purpose.

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