Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Clip Eleven)

Final thief training

For her final training, I decided to freeze her and then to mess with her so that she actually feels who is boss. Poor thing wakes up and believe it or not, she still tries to tell me some kind b s story as to why she is here. Of course the fact that she keeps (uncontrollably) laughing whenever she tells me that she is serious about her story, does not make her anymore believable. Could it be that she feels tickled at the wrong time. Of course but she does not know why she is haunted by those tickle attacks. Looks like we need to freeze her, mess with her and then casually mention that she will be put to sleeep soon for further programming. Yes, she does not believe me but then again, as soon as the mysterious smoke hits her she goes back to lala land

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