Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Robot Movie)

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was “hot” like me

Imagine he kind of shock I felt when I came home that night and found our trusted (and very sexy) babysitter sitting on the couch as if she was struck by lightning or so. She just kept repeating, the young once are in bed. First I thought the little ones had driven her crazy but then it dawned on me that our trusted babysitter was a highly sophisticated fembot which was going through a major systems malfunction which must have led o her over-heating.

I can’t tell you all the details here but things got pretty crazy and hot and I am certainly glad my wife wasn’t around to spoil the fun. I am not sure what exactly happened but all of a sudden she seemed to believe that I am her boyfriend Tony, who just had to seduce. Malfunctions, repairs, glitches and very steamy seduction.

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