Hypnolust – Megan & Nikki (Clip VI Part II)

The end of a couple of super models ahh bots!!!

Although I get both of them back up again, nothing seems to work quite the same any more. OK may be I am not the greatest programmer in the world and sure the part Nikki removed from Megan’s panel is pretty vital but there has to be something I can do. Both of them seem identical, on the inside at least and what ever I do to one of them should also work for the other one. I guess I will never know.

Both of my beauties now go back and forth between minor glitches, malfunctions and appearing completely human, or let’s say almost human. One minute, they spasm and twitch around and the next minute they try to cover for each other and try to convince me that they are not fembots. Megan suddenly grabs Nikki by the throat and that seems to cause some damage. What can I say it all turns to shi… and I end up with a couple of lifeless yet beautiful bodies.

There is one thing though that makes it all worth it. At some point throughout the whole mess, I must have, more by accident than anything else, activated their sex and pleasure programs. Wow, the way these girls kiss, go down on each other and make love sure makes you wish to own a couple of them without all the other programs.




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