Hypnolust – Megan & Nikki (Clip I)

I am back under your control master

Megan and her cousin Nikki, two beautiful hot and horny Puerto Rican /Venezuelan girls together in one session is most certainly a dream come true, at least for me it is. I am sure you all remember them from their individual sessions. Both of them are not only hot and very sexual but also immensely suggestible. Needless to say that the opportunity to have both of them in one session was way too good to pass up and as it turned out we all spent an absolutely amazing, sexual, sensual and fun filled afternoon together.

This is certainly not your regular clip one, both girls started calling me master right away without me even mentioning it and after some open eyed deepening and stares both girls start repeating mantras like I am back under your control master and more. Of course a blank stare always looks better when the girls have their arms stretched out in front of them.

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