Hypnolust – Megan & Nikki (VI Part I)

Fembot Super model fight

The two beautiful super models Megan and Nikki are competing for the very high paying contract of the spokes model for a well known Fashion Company. It is pretty obvious right from the get go that both girls take the audition very seriously in fact maybe even a bit two seriously. Both try pretty hard to outdo each other to the point where they even try to disturb the other girl’s posing. All in all it is a lot of fun though to watch those two beauties posing and showing off their sexy curves. Slowly but surely Nikki seems to realize that Megan seems to be slightly ahead of her and that she might not get the contract. Although I keep reassuring her that nothing has been decided yet and there is still a lot more to come, her frustrations seems to grow quickly. Everything changes right when I come back from getting a new battery for my camera. Megan all of a sudden seems different; her moves seem erratic and less coordinated than just five minutes ago. She also has problems understanding what I say and it seems like she is just not with it anymore. Nikki now triumphantly continues to show off and tries to blame Megan’s strange behavior to her addiction to diet pills. Things go down hill quickly and it becomes more and more obvious that Nikki is lying about what happened in those three minutes I was gone.

Suddenly Megan starts blurting words like circuits and overheating before long it becomes more than obvious that the agency has set me up with a couple of fembots again. Megan starts to malfunction and although Nikki tries to keep up the appearance to be human, starts trapping herself in her own lies. It becomes pretty obvious that she must have tampered with Megan’s circuits while I was gone (the proof is on tape) and now she has to pay the price by being temporarily disabled herself. Looks like I have some serious reprogramming and fixing to do.




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