Hypnolust – Emma and Ivy (Robot Movie Members)

That can not be, I am not a robot

Emma, the star of our low budget porn production is fuming and bitching “I am the star, I am on time and where is she”? Well, the girl we are all waiting for is her playmate in our latest movie and the reason why she was held up was simply because she needed a software update which took longer than expected.

Being the director, it was my job to babysit her until she finally arrived. I have to say, Emma has always been my favorite actress but unfortunately she is also one of the few who has never let me fuck her which kind of bothered me. Anyway, as if my job was not hard enough she keeps bitching until the other girl, I am using the term girl loosely here, arrived. Finally ready to start the girls were directed to act as if they just met, like each other and then fuck each other with a vibrator. I know, not very original but hey, it is a low budget porn production, what do you expect. I think by then, Emma was over it and all I was getting out of her was a lame performance. Cut, cut, cut that is just not hot enough.

Maybe I should not have interrupted them and yes maybe I gave Emma a bit too much grief but things started to go really bad from there. Ivy kept talking about how perfect she was as she started to malfunction, Emma got all nervous as she tried to help me repair the fembot but things got even messier. What really floored me though was the fact that my favorite porn star turned out to be a fembot as well, something I would not have expected in a million years. “I am not malfunctioning”, “I am not a robot”.

To be honest, seeing her down and out gave me the idea to do a little programming which made my little droids believe that the director always gets to fuck the girls in all of my movies. It sounded like a good idea at the time but as it turned out, I am much better off doing radio anyways. Lots of hot girl/girl action, surprises, fun transformations and more of your favorites.




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