Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Six)

Reluctant maid tamed and trained

Gracie believes to be our new maid/cleaning lady who has to put up with my advances while my wife is out shopping. I have to say, Gracie takes her new job seriously and it is more than obvious that she is way too proper to give in to my undoubtedly charming ways of trying to get her in the sack. Of course the idea of how I would love to see her try on the sexy little maids costume seems absolutely absurd. Well, let’s see what she thinks about the new toy I bought for the k i d s? Looks like she thinks that it is just a silly toy and that it can not be anything other than a toy. Slowly but surely though, my little girl finds out what I mean by the toy having mind reducing powers and that some people experience the feeling of stiffness throughout their entire body. Slowly but surely, her body starts to freeze up, slowly that is.

Gracie’s comments are priceless when she figures out that she can not move but by the time the “freeze” hits her head, her mind is gone and she remains mindlessly silent while I play with her stiff body. Of course it would be boring to just have her mindlessly stand there for ever and I decide to have her thoughts and mind come back just to see how she feels. How does she feel? Well, for one, very confused and what makes it even more confusing is my futile attempts to help her. I think the fact that she suddenly realizes that she is in fact wearing the sexy maid costume does not make the whole thing more understandable for her. How did she get into the costume? Oh well, before she can figure things out the waving hand sends her back into obedient oblivion.

Of course, our little girl endures a number of surprises and often not so wanted orgasms, more freeze play, mindless lust, more waving hands in mid sentence, confusion and embarrassment and so much more, during this really great freeze clip. How will I deter her from telling my wife about all this? Will she remain our maid? Will she in fact remember anything? Go find out for yourself.

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