Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Thirteen)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sleepiest of them all?

Gracie wakes up after a brief deepening and is beside herself. I guess the fact that she is almost naked, somewhat confused and definitely not interested in doing any nude poses; can do that to a girl. I can not help but to hit on her again but unfortunately, the answer is still no. My idea of hypnotizing her so she would go out with me, makes her laugh, “That would never work”. Ok, I understand, not everybody can be hypnotized. I think its time to take some pictures of our sexy Santa as she looks at herself in the mirror. Gracie seems mesmerized by her own image in the mirror and before long, her thoughts, mind and will drift into the mirror, leaving her deeply entranced. I don’t think she deserves it but after exposing her body for me, I do allow her to orgasm in a somewhat uncomfortable position. Snapped out of it, Gracie can not seem to wait to go out with me and guess where I am taking her? You guessed right, we are going to a place called lala land.

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