Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Three)

I hear and I obey

Anyone here loves intense, mindless stares and slow monotone repetitions? I thought so.

Gracie is still very excited from the last segment. Now it is time to take her to a place she has never been before. A place so deep within herself, she never knew excited. After her first hands free orgasm, she suddenly feels her hands drawn into her pussy and the desire to pleasure herself seems overwhelming. Her wide open eyes stare at the watch while her thoughts, mind and will are slowly removed. Gracie’s beautiful hard body goes into convulsions and I can feel her desire to please me. The repetition of the word “Thoughtless” drives her up the wall and shows how much she wants to be good. Her big open eyes glare over, and I can feel her drifting. Time for her to feel the intensity of her first open eyes orgasm (almost all you see is the white in her eyes). This segment is very intense, great mind removal; hands free orgasms, zombie like stares, long hard orgasms and complete surrender.

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