Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip VII)

The mirror of transformation

Please master command me, make me your love slave

In this next segment, I have the girls believe that they are models who stop by the novelty museum on their way to a photo shoot. Naturally, they do not seem to be interested in me, the tour guide. In fact they are start to make fun of me in sort of a cruel kind of way. What they are interested in though is the only thing they are not supposed to look at and that would be the mirror covered behind a black veil. I warn them, despite their laughter, not to directly look at the mirror.

Again, I seem to make them laugh when I tell the that the mirror was used by a famous magician/hypnotist in order to get young minds like theirs under his control. What do you know, the second I leave to make a phone call, my two beauties unveil the mirror and soon they both seem to turn into staring statues. The girls’ struggle to avoid enslavement in the face of overwhelming pleasure begins.

Stripped down to their boots, pantyhose and bras, both of my initially not so kind angels masturbate themselves into mindless submission. Mantras like “please command me master and make me your love slave” only seem to drive them even more over the edge. There is too much action going on in this one to describe it all. Great struggle and finally a sweet surrender, particularly for Taylor who tried to resist just a tat longer than Heather.

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