Harems slave training

Izmargad is well trained by now and overcome by the desire to please her master with her well taken care of feet. The idea that her master is even interested in looking at her feet drives her crazy for lust. Her horny young body quivers and shakes as she is ordered to pleasure herself while seductively offering her feet to be touched and inspected from every angle. She orgasms hard before her body starts to freeze up and she drops into lala land which leaves her helpless yet again. Poor thing is still frozen when she regains consciousness and to make it even harder, she does not seem to remember what just happened. All she knows is that she is quite naked in a strangers bed while being unable to move. I know, this can be confusing and even more so embarrassing.

Needless to say, she tries to make sense of all this but that is not easy. The fact that I am having my way with her feet, place her hand into her wet pussy and mess with her otherwise, does not make this any easier for her but then again, what can she do about all this? Looks like we need to put her out of her situation. The “waving hand” takes (despite her doubt) care of all “movements of the mind.” Time to place her on all four with her ass and feet pushed out at us for some more orgasm training and I think we should also program the “orgasm spot” on the bottoms of her feet so that we can use it again later. More limp play (including feet) and more yet to come.

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