Please teach me something new

First blank open eyed kneeling masturbation, mantras and obedience training.

I have the girls stand up, open their eyes, sink even deeper and then slowly strip down to their bras. Put to their knees, the girls now slowly let go of their own and quite unnecessary will and mind. I can feel them, one at a time, slowly drifting into horny oblivion. Ordered to masturbate each other, while staring at the swinging crystal, into mindlessness, all three experience something so intense and exciting, they never knew was possible. As expected, the more dominant Gloria takes a bit longer to let go of her initial resistance but ends up just as blissfully empty as her playmates. To watch the girls becoming increasingly aroused the more their minds seem to drift into the crystal pendant and or my hand in front of their eyes is very powerful. Of course the mantra helps as well.


Clips4sale, Hypnolust


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