More sexual conduct rules and regulations

My feet are super soft

We are not quite done teaching our formerly misbehaving secretary the sexual conduct rules of the company she is working for. Now she has to learn that we expect all of our female employees to be horny foot sluts who love to seductively offer their feet. Again, Natalie goes crazy for lust as soon as she sexy and seductively starts to talk about her cute feet while showing them off. I can feel her getting more and more excited and sure enough, she tears her pantyhose open and finger fucks her wet pussy while her feet are up in the air. Really hot to watch.

There is more of course. After enjoying her praising her feet, it is now time to drop her back into mindless bliss while on all four on the desk. Zombie like and zoned out she now learns to serve with her feet while ….. Too much to describe but seriously hot, not only for our foot lovers. Limp play, yes masters, stares and more. Did I mention that she has no intention to file a law suit ever again. It is all about having happy employees around.

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