HypnoLust - Natalie Monroe Clip 3

First Oh my Gods

You are what your master says you are

This one is hot and very interesting for various reasons. Natalie went so deep that her face felt numb which surprised her but it also made it clear to her that it was working. I noticed that when I had her stand up, her hands went up to her face to check out the numbness (actually a common phenomenon during trance). It gets even more exciting when she feels her entire body helplessly freeze up. Immobile and unable to move, her body starts to tremble under the thrusting vibrator I make her feel.

Again, Natalie explodes into an uncontrollable orgasm. After slowly unfreezing her, her hands wander between her legs and she cannot help but to bring herself to orgasm. I am cuming for you master. I cannot really describe the intensity of all this but you will see what I am talking about once you watch her quiver and squirm, scream and beg. Looks like it is time to “stop her thinking” and then turn her into a mindlessly staring empty shell. Her repetitions of “good little girls don’t need thoughts” become slower and slower while I am having fun with…

Of course there is more, enjoy watching her caress (and squeeze) her perky tits until she orgasms yet again. I always enjoy sensitizing the girls breast which I am sure will help all the guys they are going to meet in the future

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