I Hypnotized My Sister

Richie is getting hassled by his Baby Sister, Victoria. He is practicing his Hypnotism as they are watching TV…and Victoria is teasing him by saying the “hypnotism” is NOT real…and that Mom and Dad have wasted their money sending him to school for hypnotism….and should have forced him to go to school for something proper…like law or medicine. Richie wants to prove to his Sister that hypnotism is real…so he bets her that he can hipnotize her. Victoria laughs at him and dares him to try. Richie goes to work on her….and sure enough…after a few moments…she is completely under!! With his Baby Sister in a total trance…Richie decides he will get revenge on her for her taunts. Richie unbuttons Victoria’s shirt….pulls down her skirt….and Fucks his Little Sister HARD!! Victoria is completely under as she gets Pounded by her big Brother. When he has Fucked her good…Richie finishes by unloading on her…and using his Young Sister’s face as a cum Dumpster!! When he finishes unloading on her face…Richie brings her out of the trance…at which point Victoria, who has no idea anything has happened says “See….I told you….Bull*$%#!!!….I told you there was no such thing as hypnotism. Richie smiles slyly and walks away. Within a few seconds, Victoria notices a warm, sticky, white substance all over her face!!!

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