Ludella Hahn: Ch00se Your own Entrancement – Love Potion #9

This is a Ch00seY0ur0wnEntrancement Series. Different entrancing beginnings; same enslaved end.

Ludella plays a very cheerful / energetic stepmom not far removed from school herself. She thinks POV is kind of a nerdy loser, but she acts sweet to him, if not a bit condescending. POV enters the room as Ludella is folding clothes. She notices POV, and greets him excitedly, “Hey Kiddo! How are you? Have any big plans tonight?” She greets him with the typical pleasantries before she gets a text from her husband. She ends the conversation with POV to reply on her phone as she turns her back to the camera.

With her back turned, POV uses the opportunity to take a swig of his love potion #9 ( a potion that makes anyone who hears the user’s voice fall in love with them…madly…) As soon as Ludella hears him speak, she turns around and has a brief look of shock before she realizes POV is the sexiest man she’s ever seen. She smiles and stares at him seductively as she puts down her phone. She is feeling the effect of the love potion intensely and being totally enamored with POV, she wants to seduce him away from his abstenant girlfriend.

Ludella starts hitting on him HARD. “You are so dreamy…you know, I can really see us together…IN BED.” She giggles. POV pretends to be uninterested and acts like he wants to go check on Jessica (his GF). Ludella is desperate for him to stay – she tells him to forget about Jessica, and gets close to him as she pouts sexily begging him to stay. She gets him to take a seat next to her on her bed as she tries to steal him from Jessica. She makes sure to show off her cleavage as she gushes over him – she tells him he’s too good for Jessica and hints that he needs an older more experienced woman. She gets increasingly sexual, as she makes fun of Jessica for wanting to be a virgin – she tells him how if he was her boyfriend, she’d let him do anything he wanted to her. ANYTHING.

She confesses to him how she gets so lonely and frustrated, and how desperate she is for a REAL man, like him. “You’re right. Haha! My husband is such a loser. You are so funny.” She suggests a fun idea – she just bought some new lingerie, and she’d love to model it for POV. She playfully begs him – he agrees, and she does a sexy striptease for him down to her underwear. She takes off her bra as she asks him how her breasts compare to Jessica’s.

POV makes some crude comments about her big boobs, which she thinks are charming. “Oh, I love the way you call them giant milk jugs. That’s so charming…” She says dreamily. It doesn’t matter what he says or how he looks or even what he does…this potion is so strong that she’s convinced he’s a KING. She asks him if he’d like to play with her boobs, as she moves up next to him. He’s reluctant, so she takes his hand and places it on her breast to her great delight. After a moment of this, she tells him she wants to feel his mouth. She wants to show him just how good of a girlfriend she can be as she leans in to kiss him. She begins kissing him. Between kisses she’s cooing about how amazing of a kisser he is, how sexy he is, how amazing his mouth feels. She encourages him to keep playing with her breasts as he’s kissing her. (The kissing is shot in a POV style where her lips are below camera’s view)

After she’s finished kissing him, she stays close to POV and starts gushing about how amazing that was. She tells POV how she’s been in love with him ever since she first saw him, and how jealous she always was of Jessica. She tells him that whenever she was with her dumb husband, she would think about him – and now she finally has POV, the man of her dreams, but POV doesn’t want to leave his GF; he just wants to see her on the side. “I don’t know how I feel about just being a side thing,” she pouts, he caresses her face and she melts, suddenly happy with the idea. “You’re right. It will be exciting and sexy sneaking around behind their backs…” As she’s talking, the mind control effects start to wear off. She initially seems confused, but that quickly turns to anger at POV. She is just about to rip into him as he snaps his fingers, causing her to immediately calm down and fall even deeper in love/lust with him.

Ludella now believes her greatest desire in life is to serve and worship POV as his love slave alongside Jessica. She views him as a god-like Titan who can do no wrong. She gets on her knees in front of POV in a submissive slave position and apologizes for her outburst, telling him that she doesn’t know what she was saying – she just wants to be his slave, that’s all she’s ever wanted. She promises that she’ll be a good slave and tells him how much she wants to serve him and worship him. Just saying it gets her excited – she loves it when he calls her a slave. She shudders with pleasure when he calls her that. She begs him to let her and Jessica be his slaves. She bows and kisses his feet showing her eagerness to serve.

POV starts suggesting different ideas/fetishes to her to see how far she’s willing to go, but no matter what he suggests, she thinks it’s an amazing idea and tells him how much she loves it. For example, he mentions her getting implants, and she loves the idea, describing how sexy big boobs are and begging him to let her and Jessica to get huge matching stripper boobs for him to play with. She does the same type of thing with: Calling him Daddy (she calls him Daddy for the rest for the scene), and getting dressed up for him in different costumes–whatever pleases him. She even is happy to brainwash more girls for him, including the whole cheerleading squad as he deserves ALL the slaves. They’ll all break up with their loser boyfriends and come crawling to POV, begging him to use their bodies and to let them worship his big beautiful cock together. She gets excited at the idea of having huge orgies with him and all his slaves. POV officially agrees to take her as his slave – she is ecstatic and extremely grateful. “Thank you, Daddy! You’re the greatest! I can’t wait to brainwash Jessica so we can put on a big lesbian sex show for you! In the meantime, Daddy, why don’t you lay back and let me show you my gratitude,” She says, crawling toward his lap.

One week later and Ludella is now a blonde bimbo in a sexy maid outfit willing to do anything for her Master. He opens the door to her bedroom to find her cleaning. She picks up his PJ pants and inhales close to her face, “Mmmm…Master….” Then she notices him at the door. “Oh, Master! You’re here! Can I give you a massage? Blowjob? Or maybe brainwash the hot new newlywed next door? She’s so sexy and you deserve her as your slave, Master. Oh…nothing right now…okay. Well, I never got to thank you for my new HUGE stripper boobies. Thank you, Master! I love them! And, now that I have them, you did promise that you would finally take me. Please, oh, please take me, Master!” She begs, pulling him onto the bed. She unzips his pants and straddles him cowgirl style. Because of the potency of the spell, she’s convinced that his below average penis is enormous and she tells him it’s the greatest she’s ever had. “Oh, Master! You’re amazing! The best I’ve ever had! Please put a baby in me!” When both have finished, she lays down next to him. “Can we please go for a second round? Anal? Facial? Orgy? Anything, Master! Oh, you need a break? Okay. Well, I love you, Master, and I’m yours forever…

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