Manipulative Roommate - Sinn Sage and Isabella Blue

Isabella has a plan for her grumpy, neat freak roommate Sinn. Isabella lights a relaxing candle and has Sinn sit on the couch and look into the mesmerizing flame, oblivious to Isabellas intentions. As Isabella talks, Sinn slowly falls into a trance. Once Sinn is under her control, Isabella orders her to strip and dance seductively like a very horny stripper. Sinn looks amazingly hot as she undulates naked on Isabellas lap! Next, Isabella toys with Sinn by snapping her in and out of the trance and delighting in her embarrassment and confusion. She orders Sinn to walk around the apartment with her arms out like a zombie. Sinn is then ordered to remove Isabellas clothes and make out with her, fiercely and passionately. The girls give an outrageously hot performance that will make you hope Sinn never comes out of her trance. For a final cruel trick of humiliation, Isabella puts a vibrator in Sinns hand and poses her lewdly, then brings her out of the trance.

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