Mcstashhouse – POV 5 – Pet Care

Steve interviews Haley for the job of catsitting his sphinx. She gets along swimmingly with the fine, furless feline, and he promises to hire her. But first he wants to turn her into his own pet, and return the favor by taking care of her hairless pussy. Soon it’s her mind that’s swimming, as he uses a laser pen to induce her.

He toys with her, using cat toys. He even makes her drink from his pet’s water dish before commanding her to lap at his lingus. Then he orders her to warm his pet snake with her sweater puppies. Finally, he slides the aforementioned serpent into her snake hole. Now it’s time to wash her dogs by giving them a cum bath.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the beautiful Haley Cummings and her all-natural 34 DD’s!

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