Mcstashhouse – POV 8: Lair Of The Vampiress

A sexy, lesbian blood-eater has been terrorizing Budapest, luring unsuspecting victims to their doom in an abandoned nightclub. First, she takes over their minds. Then, she plays with ther bodies before drinking their blood. POV Steve catches wind of this, and arrives at her lair. He plans on using a little mind control of his own to subdue her.

Time to give this vampiress a little taste of her own medicine, as well as her first taste of cock. Watch out for those fangs Steve! He deviates from the traditional method of dispatching the undead. Instead of driving a stake through her heart, he sticks his dick in her pussy, up her ass, and then poisons her with his cum. Apparently female blood is the only thing this she-demon can digest. When she swallows his man-load, it destroys her.

The beautiful and beguiling Shalina Devine stars.

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