Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura – Possession

Ivy had been hired as a babysitter for a husband and his wife a number of times before but this time she notices a Ouija board laying on a shelf. Curiosity gets the better of her and she tries using it in her boredom to pass the time once the kids are asleep.

Nothing happens when she uses it but soon after it starts moving on its own. Next thing Ivy knows she’s playing with herself by a mirror with a lustful demonic succubus on the other side of it temping her to let it enter her body and possess it in exchange for unending pleasure.

Ivy had no chance at resisting and soon agrees, the pleasure she was being made to feel was too great and quickly overwhelms her.

Soon after the husband and wife come back home from their evening out. Ivy waits for the wife to go upstairs to bed and starts temping the husband with her slim lithe body with promises of secrecy and pleasure. The husband puts up little resistance.

Ivy starts kissing and foundling the husband in an attempt to take his mind off his wife and getting him fully in the mood. This then leads to her taking out his cock and giving it a pleasurable tease of licking and sucking mixed in with a handjob and blowjob.

Unable to deny her new cravings for pleasure Ivy comes back another day after the wife has left and waits for the husband to come back and find her dressed in just a bra and panties with a leash and collar wrapped round her neck.

Before the husband can think to stop it from happening Ivy is promising to keep everything a secret and that she’ll be his good little pet, doing whatever he wants, dressing however he wants so long as he keeps feeding her his cum.

Once again the husband puts up little resistance and allows Ivy access to his cock which she is soon swallowing whole, deepthroating him like the slutty demonic pet she’s become till eventually he cums in her mouth and gives her the cum she now craves.

Key acts include: Blowjob, Handjob, Demonic possession, Seduction, Submission, Cheating, Cumshot, Cum in mouth

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