Mind Under Master – Khloe Kapri, Maya Bijou, Vienna Rose – Trance Therapy – Nurse Training

Nurse Khloe Kapri has been working for the good doctor full time ever since her initial training session with him, but she’s ready to help him start training new nurses for his practice. Nursing students, Maya Bijou and Vienna Rose are just the type of eager med students that the doctor wants. Khloe explains that the best way for them to understand what the doctor does is to experience it. The girls stare into the trance light as Khloe asks them basic questions at first, but as they fall deeper and deeper under the influence of her voice, she begins to discuss sponge baths. The girls have given sponge baths before but to maximize the patient’s comfort they should really use their tongues to bathe their patients. The girls nod in agreement, this all makes perfect sense. Even when Khloe tells them to strip, there doesn’t seem to be anything odd about it because they’ll need to practice. — Khloe joins them on the sofa and tells them to practice on her. The three girls kiss and lick each other, tongues swirling as they coat each other in spit. Khloe guides and teaches them until they’re ready to practice on the doctor. He joins them and all three girls get to work kissing and licking him. Khloe encourages them to clean the cock, because its the most important part of the patient to clean and Maya falls to her knees eager to be a good nurse. — While Maya and Vienna clean the doctor’s cock and balls, Khloe cleans his chest, neck and mouth. They rotate around him, each sharing his cock while the other cleans his upper body making sure that he’s extra clean. After they’ve all had a turn the doctor says they’re ready for the next step and Khloe takes the girls to get dressed into their new nurse uniforms. —- They come out dressed in lingerie and crawl up the doctor’s body as he lays back on his bed. This time two girls whisper and kiss his face while one girl gives full attention to his cock. They beg and promise to be such good submissive nurses. They only want to comfort the patient, they only want to get him clean with their tongues and spit. But the only way they know that they’ve completely cleaned the patient is when he cums for them. They beg and plead for him to cum. “We just want to please you until you’re clean” they repeat over and over until he finally gives them what they so desperately want.

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