Summer Day is teasing her stepbrother about buying an old music box at a yard sale and it doesn’t even work. While he’s grabbing batteries she opens it up and a flashing light begins to blink in her eyes. No music plays just a weird distorted sound that is invading her mind. Reprogramming her as she repeats it’s commands.

When her brother returns from getting batteries, she crawls onto his lap and whispers in his ear all the things she wants to do to pleasure him. He tells her that they can’t do this, so she leaves.

Later that evening, she returns and says to her brother to be quiet as Mom and Dad are sleeping. This time she removes his pants and begins to blow him, all the while telling him she wants to be her masters every wish.

She finishes by thanking her master for letting her please him.

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  • Laird 2 years ago

    always glad to see more Mind Under Master…any chance you could add “Possession” with Ivy Aura or the 2nd half of House Sitter?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      fortunately already we’ve got “Possession”, you will see it on website later