Primals Robogirl – Kelly Diamond – Full session with Mr. Masters

Scene starts with Kelly being hypnotized by Masters. Once he has her in a trance he gives her basic commands and then brings her out of trance. He then gives her more commands like having him critique her body. This moves on to trance walk with arms out, then crawling saying her mantra while doing so.

The next time he puts her under and has her believe that her clothes are very itchy, so without noticing anything is wrong, proceeds to remove her clothes. Once naked, he has walk and crawl around again with her mantra, finishing with wiggling her ass at the camera.

The next scene, she is dressed up in silver getup and Masters has her masterbate “charge” with vibrator “power supply”. Now it is time for her to service her master, and proceeds to give him a blowjob.

In the last scene, Kelly is a sex doll and the scene opens with her lying on the couch naked with her legs and arms spread. Masters proceeds to fuck her missionary and doggy while she repeats her mantra, “I am a fuck doll, give it to me, give it to me” Scene finishes with masters cumming on her stomach while she chants, “Cum on me”

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