Entrancement UK – Ivy Rain 1: Slave Training

Ivy was lovely to work with! She’s so posh and elegant and well spoken when you meet her that it’s a huge pleasure to see all of that fall to one side the moment she gets to reveal her submissive streak. (Which wouldn’t you know it, is a mile wide! Rowr!)

She’s very thoughtful intelligent and articulate, and it’s fun to see her thinking about suggestions (at least… when she’s able to think.) like wondering why she can’t open her eyes, or why she’s stopped being ticklish, or why her clit has suddenly stopped working. Or keep herself from butt wiggling. (A personal highlight as her butt is rather stunning!)

She really got into every suggestion thrown her way, to the point where she ends up a little bit bruised due to some rather exuberant pet play!

Brilliant vid. Highly Recommended. Hope to have her back. Director’s Choice.

0:30 Introduction
07:50 Induction
13:20 Can’t open her eyes
16:20 Ragdoll Check
18:10 Mannequin Check
19:35 Awake… but too to move
21:25 Bound, Vulnerable and Tickled.
23:25 Feeling flirty, and wants to be tickled… but can’t be
24:50 No sensation until I hit REPLAY!
27:45 BOUND Trigger
28:15 Eyes and Mouth bound
30:17 Name Amnesia
31:20 Session Amnesia, redoing the intro
33:25 Slowly binding all her memories away
34:20 Binding her resistance… and giving her a new name
35:05 Slaves really should kneel and bare their breasts…
36:15 Slave wants to be collared
38:45 Session Amnesia… doesn’t recall being collared or braless
42:15 Submissively Flashing & Frozen
42:50 A brief distraction… and a swift reinduction
45:35 Super Cuddly one moment… Body-swerving the next
50:35 Neck up normal… Neck down exhibitionist!
55:45 Strips nude, then nudist / shyness switching
59:45 Believes I’m nude (and it’s apparently hilarious) and she’s not.
1:01:05 Knows she’s nude… but can’t work her clothes.
1:02:50 Neck up independent… Neck down utterly obedient.
1:05:00 Triggered to pose… can’t stop herself
1:06:01 Butt wants to wiggle, body wants to dance.
1:06:30 Switching Ivy’s Shyness off… and making her more horny and submissive
1:09:30 Teasing herself… but doesn’t know they’re her own hands
1:11:40 “My Mind is Going”
1:15:45 Mindless Mantras
1:16:45 Cat Mannerisms
1:23:40 Cat-Girl chases the laser
1:28:45 Inspection & Eye Checks
1:30:00 Memories wiped
1:32:25 Teases… but only when I speak
1:34:15 Pleasure Control Pussy Turned Off and On again
1:36:00 Frozen mid tease
1:37:40 Pleasure Relocation to her feet then nose
1:39:00 “Mark” the player
1:44:50 Mark realises he’s in a girl’s body and checks himself out
1:49:20 Ice-Mistress Ivy Enchants her Playthings
1:53:10 Nympho Ivy eager to meet hot boys in her area!
1:54:00 Nympho / Mistress switching
1:57:50 Pendant and HypnoTits, a POWERFUL combination!
2:00:00 Brainless Corsetted HypnoDoll
2:02:55 Closing Chat
2:05:40 Outtake: Special Delivery!

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