Entrancement UK- Jen Entranced

Jens shoot was unusual. After a fairly lengthly initial induction where I was worried Id not get her under at all, she definitely began responding pretty powerfully to my suggestions though often not at all in the way I was expecting her to.

A command to freeze might be met with a sag as she became limp. Many times when I snapped my fingers to punctuate or underline a suggestion, shed react like shed received a spank. At times (later on) if I touched her arm or her face, she would appear to gasp in surprise. (or arousal? :D)

Then there was the fact that in her planning questionnaire shed said her preferred levels were Casual Toplessness & Nudity, but not too sexual so Id assumed on her arrival, that during the shoot, things would be very professional between us. Normally Ill keep myself gentlemanly throughout, as nothing brings you out of trance quicker than worrying someones about to take advantage of you (in a way that you havent agreed to or dont actually like the idea of, anyway.)

What I noticed with Jen though, was that as the shoot progressed as I took her into trance and compelled her to feel open and uninhibited, she started to reveal more of herself than perhaps she had when she initially filled out that questionnaire

For one, she seemed to like name calling some amount of degrading speech, and before too long I had her calling herself Fuckdoll.

For another, when I asked if she just wanted to feel sexy (as in: glamourous) or sexual (as in: horny and fuckable) she opted immediately for horny and fuckable

And horny she got! I noticed about 40 minutes in after giving Jen the compulsion to remove her underwear, spread her legs and casually present her pussy for inspection, (as though there was nothing strange about doing so) that she was aroused.

Like really aroused.

So whats a guy to do? I was under the impression that wed agreed up front not to get too sexual, and here I am calling her a fuckdoll and watching a line of juice run down the inside of her leg.

Looking back at her questionnaire responses now, I can see that whilst she *did* tick the not too sexual levels box, in the sexual section of the questionnaire she ticked SIX of the ten suggestions Id listed there.

At the time, mid-shoot, after the already slightly weird responses to my suggestions, I stopped the camera, brought her right out of trance and checked that she was enjoying herself.

Id been hanging out at a local kink club recently, so this *also* may have led to an off camera spanking session.

I know, I know. Why oh why did I have to stop the cameras rolling?

Aaaaanyway, thats the reason why midshoot Jen goes from wearing a very nice summer dress to being nude, collared and wearing nothing but black tape 😉

An interesting, weird, surprising, genuine shoot with a pretty girl who has a body not at all what I was expecting though, so Im keeping the price low on this one.

0:00:10 Introduction
0:04:00 Induction
0:22:30 Thinks her name is “Doll” (momentarily)
0:23:40 Recalls her name anyway (dammit!)
0:24:00 Increasing her sleepiness
0:26:10 Limp Check
0:29:00 Feeling sexy & wanting to pose
0:32:30 Her name’s “Fuckdoll”
0:32:45 Happy to give me her panties & spread her legs
0:35:55 Flashing within trance
0:41:20 Spreading legs on command
0:43:00 Baring Butt on command
0:44:30 Spanking self on command
0:45:00 Black Tape Slavegirl
0:47:30 Posing the Frozen Doll
0:48:30 Hands have a mind of their own
0:51:00 Dancing whilst mentally bound
0:53:40 Lap Dance
0:55:00 Programming and teasing the Slavegirl
0:58:00 Slavegirl Jen bent over the sofa caressing herself
1:00:00 Stripping off the tape
1:02:30 Mantras for the pocketwatch
1:03:50 Increasing / Decreasing Arousal
1:11:55 Kneeling Slavegirl
1:15:20 Dominant Sex Ed Teacher…
1:16:20 … SWITCHES into a sexy playful tease.
1:23:55 Stripped, posed and frozen
1:24:20 Posing artily on the sofa
1:31:40 Closing Induction
1:33:00 Still obedient!
1:34:15 Closing Chat
1:35:08 360 Underwear Mannequin Spin
1:35:58 360 Art Nude Model Spin

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