Entrancement UK – Morticia Entranced

Wow what a great session!

Morticia was an absolute blast to work with. A horror aficionado (Not that we touch on it too much this time, though I’m sure we’ll do more on that topic in future) ands she’s really intelligent, perceptive, glamorous and elegant as anything.

Fantastic reactions throughout:

During the Five Finger Countdown her eyelids were perfectly mirroring my finger motions, dipping when I wanted them to, then flying open again as I fully extended my fingers.

Lots of flustered and bewildered moments as she came to standing or kneeling after firmly believing that she was just in a completely different position.

Lovely spacey looking stares and soft submissive whispers as she repeated back mindless mantras.

After sticking her tongue outside her mouth, I had her become mindless and told her to form a sultry expression… which she did… but with her tongue still sticking out the whole time.

And when I had her switching between Mistress and Submissive mindsets, there wasn’t an ounce of skepticism or scorn in “Kitty” the submissive who was happy to bare her butt, dance seductively, or bow down in obedience, nor an ounce of surrender in Mistress Morticia who was quite sure that kneeling and obeying was something that other people should be doing.

We’ve already got session two booked in and I’m looking forward to doing more with her.

Fantastic shoot. Director’s Choice

0:00:10 Introducting Morticia
0:11:54 Induction
0:24:10 Mind Floating Away, Arm Drifting Up
0:31:45 Doesn’t recall going under
0:34:40 Tired Head Drop Trigger
0:35:00 How do you feel? // “Very Deeply Mesmerized”
0:37:35 Fiver Finger Tired Countdown
0:42:12 Snap Mindless AutoPose
0:46:40 Playful Butt Wiggles
0:47:12 Eyes Bound Shut, Body Bound in Place
0:49:00 “I must obey… I can’t control myself”
0:49:20 Believes her name is Kitty
0:50:25 Feet Bound
0:51:30 Tongue Bound
0:52:00 Mind Bound
0:53:20 HypnoPuppeteering
0:54:45 E-Girl TikTok Meme Enforcement
0:55:25 Momentary return to her senses
0:56:15 Enchanted and Drawn to her Kinks
0:56:50 Eyes open in trance, mindless mantras
0:57:40 Heavy Eyelids, dazed expression
0:58:15 Mistress Morticia // Flirty Rope Bunny Switching
1:02:20 Mistress Morticia Enchants you
1:05:20 Kitten Happily Wiggles her butt
1:06:45 Mistress Unwittingly Strips
1:10:10 Topless Kitty Dances & Freezes
1:11:20 Kitty Seduces the Viewers
1:12:30 Mistress Unwittingly Collars Herself
1:14:40 Kitty’s happy to bow in submission
1:15:25 Kitty the Pet Girl Prowls on all fours
1:17:15 Closing Chat
1:22:05 Behind The Scenes: Pre-Induction Pose Practice

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