Entrancement UK – Stephanie Bonham Carter Entranced

Posh totty Stephanie Bonham Carter joined us for a couple of days on her UK tour, and proved to be both dazzlingly elegant, and ridiculously geeky. (At one point she starts singing anime theme tunes about ice-dancing skater boys.)

Booze-water, slave training, and a whole lotta brattiness.


00:20 Introduction
08:25 Induction
13:55 Ragdoll / Mannequin
15:59 Bratty Ragdoll
17:50 Can’t move for some reason…
19:15 Ticklish today
24:03 Misplaced her name
27:53 WAVE!!
31:00 Shoulder Touch Giggle Trigger
36:05 Five Finger Countdown
38:45 Counting herself down
40:30 Stuck Posing
48:15 Lovestruck by my hat
53:40 Is this water or booze!?
60:00 Feels like she’s been brainwashed…
66:27 Can’t Keep from Posing
70:22 Naked Yoga
74:12 Nudist / Shy Girl
78:30 Brainless Freezes
82:20 Mirror Mirror
85:15 “I’m becoming… a puppet…”
89:15 Slave Training Positions
92:00 Enchanted by the Pendant

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