Hypnolust – Rachel Rose (Clip Six)

Lost in Time

Rachel, who believes to have gone lost in her new neighborhood while jogging, ends up at the wrong house. Impressed by the house but not necessarily the owner of the place, our curious young lady cannot seem to sat away from his precious collection of antic and quite fragile watches. As soon as he (guess who the owner of the house is) leaves to get her some water, she grabs one of the watches and looks at it for just a tiny bit too long.

Of course my soft voice does the rest and before you know it, she is entranced and stiffly frozen. Let’s see what happens when she becomes aware of her predicament. Needless to say, she is confused about all this which is probably why she tries to deny having messed with one of the watches. The fact that I start to undress her does seem to concern her but then again, what can she do about all this. Maybe we should introduce her to the “waving hand” and its mind altering properties. There she goes again and now I can really take my time to remove those unnecessary clothes.

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