Mind under Master- Lily Rader – Trance Therapy

Session 1: Lily Rader is worried. She’s not satisfied in her relationship and she’s afraid she’ll feel this way forever. The good doctor has seen many women with the same issue, but he’s going to take a more hands on approach in this case. He tells Lily to lay down and look up into his trance light. “Did you see that?” she asks as words flash before her eyes, but she couldn’t make them out. The doctor tells her to concentrate on the words until she can read them. “Relax…Calm….Passive” she says as her mind goes blank. “Doctor, I can’t move” she tells him. “There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m here to take care of you” he tells her and she repeats “You’re here to take care of me.” The doctor begins to examine her body, she doesn’t find this odd at all “I don’t find this odd at all” she repeats. “In fact it turns you on” he says as he takes off her shorts and panties. “It turns me on” she repeats. “I want you to tell me how it feels” he tells her.

[Beautiful Agony] Lily stares up into his light as he goes down on her and she moans “All I can think about is how my body feels from your touch. All I can feel is the pleasure you can give me. I need to feel this pleasure always. No one has ever made me feel this good. I never want it to end. I’m desperate to keep feeling this pleasure. I’m desperate for your touch. I’ll do anything. Please don’t stop. Thank you doctor. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for showing me what I’ve been missing. Please don’t stop. I’ll do anything. I’ll devote myself to you. I’ll obey your commands. I’ll worship you. Anything for your help.”

Session 2: She comes back the next day excited to see the doctor. She doesn’t know why but it feels like she belong here with him. He sets her at ease and begins her treatment. Words flash and she feels her mind god blank once more. The doctor knows she wants him, but if she can’t pleasure him, he’ll never see her again. Her eyes get watery at the thought of never seeing him again, she begs him to keep seeing her. She’ll do anything. She needs his help.

When he wakes her she wipes away her tears and apologizes. “Maybe we should take a break” he says and she quickly begins begging. She rubs his leg, then his cock. She kisses him pulls down her dress so he can play with her tits. I’ll do anything doctor” she pleads as she climbs on him. He steps her naked and then tells her to get on her knees. She sucks his cock, drooling and moaning as pleasures him. “This feels so right” she says “I feel like I belong right here on your cock doctor” She shows him what a good girl she can be. “You do seem like you need a lot of help” the doctor says. “I do doctor, I need your help so bad.” She looks up at him with desperation as he finally tell her that the session is almost up, but if she makes him cum she can go home knowing she did a good job. She doubles her efforts until he cums in her mouth so she can swallow it all.

Session 3: Lily barely needs any trance therapy today. She’s eager to pick up where they left off and when the doctor tells her to break-up with her boyfriend so she can be his devoted fucktoy she doesn’t hesitate. Soon the doctor is stopping off her dress and bending her over in front of his trance light. He fucks her from behind while she repeats her mantra into camera “I need you. I adore you. I worship you” she pleads as he uses her pussy, spanking her ass and shoving his thumb in her mouth as he pulls her hair. She loves every second of it and gets on her back for him. His hands wrap around her neck as she looks back into the light while he pounds the last bit of free will from her mind. She lays on her stomach, feet in the air as she milks his cock, begging for his cum, begging to be his fucktoy forever.

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