Parasited – Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kimm & Madi Collins – Sushi Glamour

Lulu Chu, Kimmy Kimm and Madi Collins are having a lovely sushi night, while their friend Tommy (Nathan Bronson) is preparing food for them. However, he prepared a surprise for them… A few of the sushi are actually alien parasites!

As they are savouring the tasty food, they feel that there’s something wrong. But it’s already too late! The little creatures are already inside the babes and their mind control starts working! Immediately a shiver goes through their body and an unstoppable craving for sex takes over.

Tommy is enjoying the sight as the babes are ripping of her clothes and Kimmy starts giving him a crazy blowjob, while Lulu and Madi are kissing and fingering each other passionately. However, he doesn’t notice that there is one more parasite and soon he also falls victim to the alien.

Now, the four of them are having an intense, parasited orgy and they suck and fuck until everyone is exhausted. Finally, Tommy finishes with a facial on the three hot girls.

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