Entrancement UK – Honey & Jay – Part Two

Jay and Honey star in the steamy second part of this shoot. It gets my Director’s Choice award (Which means I’d highly recommend it to anyone with a kink.) We have the girls drinking love potions, becoming dominatrixes, bimbos, dolls, puppets, and there’s an extended Fembot section where Jay believing herself to be an inventor runs us through all of her creation “HoneyBot’s” different modes. (Before realising that she’s a fembot herself and being remote controlled alongside Honey)

We’ve worked with Honey before, and she goes *really* deep this time round. She’s everything you could want from a subject. Awake, chatty and interesting when she’s in her normal state of mind, totally blank, dazed and staring into space whilst in trance, monotone and robotic whilst in robot mode. (Also whilst in robot mode she was totally happy to spread her legs, bare her private bits and start playing with herself. Shocking! Jay didn’t go quite so deep, but was totally believable as Honeybot’s inventor giving us the demo and sales pitch.

Contents Jay’s Pendant is Deeply
Jay Enchants Honey
Honey’s mind drawn into the pendant
Honey becomes Jay’s Doll
Mirrored Motions
Eye to Eye Fixation
Power Exchange
Honey Puppetteers Jay
Honey Becomes a Puppet also
Both Girls Puppeteered by Lizzidoll
Slow Freezes
Honey the Fembot & Her Inventor
Service Mode
Girlfriend Mode
Masturbation Mode
Honey once more
Putting Honey in Sexual Performance Mode
Programming Fembot Jay
Both girls in fembot mode
Posing “Slut Mode” Fembots
Topless Fembots
Robot Girlfriends
Fembot Power Loss
Back to normal, chat about fembots
Love Potions
Bimbo Honey & Dominatrix Jay
Vying for My Affections
Topless puppeteering
Closing Induction
Closing Chat

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