Heroine Universe Nylon Fantasies – Under Her Influence Chief Carter feat. Christina Carter & Tilly McReese

Here is a brand new direct sequel to my movie “Under Her Influence: The Investigation.” In that movie (available here in my store as well), Professor Savannah Costello enlisted the aide of Detective Nyssa to investigate and bring to justice naughty loving schoolgirl Tilly McReese. But in the end, Tilly mind fucked both of them, put them under her spell, and sent them away wearing just sheer pantyhose!

In this HOT stand-alone movie, Police Chief Christina Carter had her detective Nyssa return to her in just pantyhose, prompting the sexy police chief to launch her own investigation into Tilly. On a beautiful day, we see chief Carter show up at Tilly’s house, looking amazing in her suit. She mentions about how she’s going to get to the bottom of things. Inside Tilly’s home, she sits with Tilly and begins her investigation. All the while, Tilly is using her MESMERIZING voice to put Chief Carter under her spell. Once she has her completely under her control, she has chief Carter REMOVE HER SHOES, and PERFORM A SEXY STRIP TEASE for her, as chief Carter removes all her clothes down to her suntan pantyhose. Tilly watches, and then enjoys fondling and caressing chief Carter’s body. Shoving her hands down the front of chief Carter’s pantyhose, she fondles and plays with her, as chief Carter is made to perform for Tilly, showing off her body.

On the couch, Tilly begins a HOT session of nylon foot worship, WORSHIPING CHIEF CARTER’s perfect nylon feet, LICKING and SUCKING them. After she’s had her fun for several minutes, she then commands her mind fucked slave chief Carter to WORSHIP Tilly’s nylon feet. Removing her sneakers, Tilly’s hot and sweaty nylon feet are LICKED and WORSHIPED by chief Carter, completely unaware of what she’s being forced to do. After Tilly’s had her fun, she commands and implants the idea that chief Carter found nothing wrong, and that Tilly was innocent, and detective Nyssa was making up stories about her. She has chief Carter dress herself, and then walks her out, a sly smile telling the tale.

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