Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Clip Twelve)

Loading master program

Always obey your master

Permission to cum granted

Alice, a quite full of herself young stripper, learns that not taking her boss seriously can lead to, let’s call it, drastic personality changes. After giving her poor manager a hard time as well as turning down his well meant invitations (including his request for a blow job) she is all of a sudden overcome by nana-bots which seem to flood her system. Well, what can the poor guy do, after all, she is the one who needs and attitude adjustment. As it turns out, Alice is the perfect robot toy that only knows to follow orders, load and or delete any program her master deems important and or unnecessary for her. This is really hot robot segment and it shows that her transformation is deep. Looks like we hit one of those deep seated desires of hers. Enjoy

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  • Hey man. First off, want to say that I love what you’re doing. I’m making this comment to inform you that Carnival of Lost Minds is unplayable on both players and cannot be downloaded. I know that you probably have a busy schedule, but I wanted to know if it would be at all possible to have that one reuploaded at some point?

  • hynolover 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing all this kind of exclusive videos man I fucking love you!
    Can you please upload anything with women in control? I mean a woman hypnotizing a man not the opposite (femdom hypno)
    Thank you

    • Fetishman 2 months ago

      You’re are very welcome bro, You will see femdom hypnosis pretty soon on this site.