The day gets worse

The obedient robot training continues.

Now it is time to teach my two obedient robots how important it is to keep my place neat which means they have to pick up all their , fold it nicely and then throw it in the hamper where all their unnecessary clothing will go from now on. Set to human simulation mode the two are programmed to French kiss and to fondle each others wet pussies without being allowed to orgasm. Of course there is more saluting and slow repetitions of I am a robot, I am here to be used, going on. Finally I decide to send Ivy down on Emma who needs just a little extra programming to be perfectly trained. Looks like even fembots are not impervious to lust. I decide to deactivate Emma for a while and then have Ivy activate her again by pinching her nipples. I have a feeling that really turned her on but unfortunately it is time now for both to deactivate until needed again.

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