Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip X)

Made in “who knows where”!

It certainly did take a while but finally the long awaited package has arrived. Our new household robot S44a is here and it seems like she is all charged and ready to go. I should really say my wife’s new fembot has arrived, after all she is the one using her the most. It is always a gamble to order from a foreign country and you never quite know what you will get.

Anyway, my wife seems overjoyed and I am the one who is stuck with the owners manual. You know the kind of retarded sounding owners manuals which was obviously the work of a half witted foreigner who translated his language word by word into English. OK, I see you have all been there. Well, let’s see what our new fembot can do. After some easy exercise like walking, moving her arms and so on, my wife suddenly discovers that her new help has a full blown sex program! It gets even better, she is preprogrammed to eat pussy.

All of a sudden my wife seems to be in heaven and she is more than eager to have her new toy suck her big titts and to command her to go between her legs. The girls are making out and going down on each other…things are looking up… or maybe that was overdoing it just a bit?!




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